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Diet, Exercise & Weight

High blood pressure has many names such as hypertension, HBP or HTN, this is a stage where blood pressure is at elevated level more than normal pressure in the arteries.

Highlights of High Blood Pressure

1. Maintain a healthy weight and don't be overweight.

2. Be more physically active.

3. Take less salt and sodium.

4. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits and low-fat dairy products.

5. Moderate or avoid alcoholic beverages.

6. Exercise for 30 minutes or more

Causes of Blood Pressure

Genetic, Stress, Environment ....

The causes of High Blood Pressure can be due to genetic, enviornment, stress and other medical complications. factors.

1. Due to Environment.

2. Due to stress work related or personal

3. Due to gentic factors.

4. Other medical complications.

Hypertension Risk Factor

High Blood Pressure Risk Factor

The undetected high blood pressure is a silent killer. The undetected high blood pressure can lead to heart failure, kidney faliures etc. Do you know two thirds of Americans over age 60 have hypertension. Latest study show hypertension is also becoming more common in children and teenagers.

1. Heart stroke

2. Kidney failure

3. Eye bleeding etc

4. Increases health risk.

Hypertension Symptoms

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

The silent symptom of high blood pressure makes it deadly disease. Once detected either at early stage or at advance stage drastic changes are needed in lifestyle and in some case medication will be necessary.

1. Changes in lifestyle

2. Experience pain in head and neck when waking up.

3. Dizziness

4. Due to Fatigue

5. Heart Pain

6. Palpitations

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BP Treatment

High Blood Pressure Treatment

High Blood Pressure diseases can not be treated with over the shelf medication. Patients with hypertension symptoms need consultation with physicians for medication, lifestyle change, and diet plan to lower blood pressure.

1. lifestyle changes for

2. Medication for stage1 & stage2

3. Diet plan

4. Combination of medication

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Hypertension Tips

High Blood Pressure Tips

Use followinmg 10 tips to control high blood pressure

1. Low in take of salt & Sodium

2. Quit smoking

3. Quit Alcohol

4. Eat vegetables & Fruits

5. Eat low-fat diary products

6. Exercise for 30 minutes

7. Medication as advised

8. Monitor blood pressure

9. Note your BP readings

10. Maintain your weight

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Swimming Benefits for Blood Pressure

about blood pressure

One of the swimming benefits for blood pressure is that it is a life time sport, which requires little effort on individualís part. Once you get swimming it stays with you for life. IT is a exercise in which whole body is involved every muscle of body gets charged. Swimming also improves breathing and is good exercise for mind and body. It is one of the healthy exercise and worth to adopt. Swimming does help blood pressure patient by lowering elevated blood pressure.

Swimming is more then cooling your self in pool or an occasional dip in water. People who swim regularly will feel themselves inseparable with water. Those who swim regularly will have healthy heart and lungs. It is up to an individual what they want to achieve from swimming. Some just go occasionally to pools for recreational activities and for some it is daily routine.

What is good about swimming is it builds stamina, endurance, body muscles and improves breathing. All these are good for healthy lung and heart. It is a great warm-up routine which can be used for cross-functional exercise workout schedule. Apart from building stamina and endurance it also burns calories and fat.

Apart from above benefits swimming also bring many other added benefits such as self-discipline, confidence, punctuality and sportsmanship. All these are natural product from following swimming in your daily workout routine.

This is also one of the exercise recommended to people with small injuries or arthritis which prevent them from doing workout on land. Water based exercise put less pressure on body. Water aerobics, kicking in water and lap swimming are few things recommended by doctors.

Note: Before attempting to do swimming one needs to be perfact in swimming so that it does not create risk of drowning in water. Take swimming lesson in community facilities or in private settings. Remember it is not only about swimming it is also about how well and correct you swim. Once you are confident and comfortable then only you should swim alone. Still swimming in group is best way to start.

Top 10 Benefits of Swimming

1. Easy to follow

2. Life Time Sport

3. Puts less pressure on body good for those who can not do workout on land due to arthritis or any other problem.

4. Good recreational activity

5. Great warm-up exercise for cross-functional workout.

6. Added Advantage: Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Sportsmanship, Team work

7. Health Benefit: Healthy Lungs & Heart. Improved stamina nd endurance

8. Swimming is shade of meditation when you swim and focus on breathing it creates spiritual environment where your body and mind are in sync.

9. Lowers blood pressure

10. Once you get it you will never forget in your life.

Hence swimming is one of the exercise which can be recommended to people with hypertension or high blood pressure to lower elevate blood pressure.

Those who dont know how to swim should take proper coaching class for swimming from a certified instructor before entering into the water. Be safe and enjoy swimming.

This is how swimming benefits blood pressure patients.

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Blood Pressure Reading Chart

Following table gives details about blood pressure reading and how to understand each stage of blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Chart

Current Condition
What to do
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Below 120 Below 80 Normal Blood Pressure Adopt a healthy lifestyle [read more]
120 - 139 80 - 89 Prehypertension Adopt a healthy lifestyle [read more]
140 - 159 90 - 99 Stage 1 hypertension Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Medication Required
[read more]
Above 160 Above 100 Stage 2 hypertension Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Medication Required
[read more]

This is just for information

Blood Pressure Reading